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“Freedom to Fail” – June 30th

Pre-order my first book for June 30th release, “Freedom to Fail: How do I foster risk-taking and innovation in my classroom?”, published by ASCD Arias. I explain the many benefits of intentionally designing opportunities for students to “fail forward” in the classroom, providing strategies for ensuring that students experience small, constructive failures as a means to greater achievement, and offers practical suggestions for ensuring that constructive failure doesn’t detrimentally affect students’ summative assessments.

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Through modeling, humorous commentary, engaging activities, and direct instruction, practical professional learning aligned to best practices in design. Half-day, full-day, on-site, or virtual format, customized to meet your needs.


Keynotes on innovative topics in education that gets audiences excited, laughing, and inspired to take steps to better themselves and their classrooms. Topics vary, but are always tied to best practices in education.


Partner blogs, professional development firms, content for upcoming books, focused on larger educational reform issues as well as best practices and advice for teachers in the classroom.

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