I'm incredibly fortunate to have great feedback from partner institutions. These kind words are a generous reflection of my work.

I first met Andrew Miller at the Virtual School Symposium in the fall of 2011, when I attended two presentations that he gave. I came away so impressed with his knowledge, passion, and entertaining style of presenting, I immediately reached out to him to work with our staff at Chicago Virtual Charter School as a key component of our Professional Development program. Andrew has done both Face-to Face and Virtual sessions for our staff to rave reviews. He has been instrumental in our move towards implementing Project-Based Learning as part of our online school. If you are looking for an engaging and powerful presenter for your school or district as you implement PBL or any online instructional program, I could not recommend anyone higher than I would Andrew. Craig Butz

Head of School, Chicago Virtual Charter School

Andrew Miller’s leadership of teachers into Project Based Learning is delightful to witness. His respect and admiration for educators is evident in all that he does. His wit and humour allows all participants to relax and enjoy the learning that he leads them through. He truly is a remarkable teacher and mentor. The PBL workshop was a huge success at every level. Teachers walked away with a vision for change as well as tools to implement that change in their classroom. I would highly recommend Andrew as one of the most engaging and insightful presenters I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Diane Stronks

Executive Director, Edifide, Ontario, Canada

Andrew Miller’s writing on game based learning is some of the best available today. This is a tricky field. It is easy to engage in hype or to avoid the crucial specifics of how game design and learning design intersect for successful learning, especially in schools. Furthermore, there are too many people today who want to use games just to make the skill and drill of our current schools more palatable. Miller operates with a deep theory of learning based on problem solving and a deep knowledge of games, game design, teaching, curriculum, and schools. He is fast becoming one of the leading mediators and “cultural brokers” for those of us working across many fields to make game based learning a force for a paradigm change in education. James Paul Gee

Ph.D, Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies, Arizona State University

Andrew Miller has done engaging and powerful professional development for our staff on project-based learning. He is deeply knowledgeable and extremely passionate. Andrew is an exceptional educator. He models effective teaching by meeting the learners, in this case our staff, where they were in readiness and skillfully adjusting the pace and outcomes to ensure that each participant moved along the continuum to deep learning. I highly recommend Andrew! Stefanie Burl Blouin

Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting, Franklin Central Supervisory Union, Vermont

In the fall of 2011, Andrew Miller presented a session at the iNACOL Virtual School Symposium on PBL. Several members of our leadership team attended his presentation. He was engaging, dynamic, and passionate about the future of online learning. It was evident Andrew shared the same vision for delivering quality instruction to students that we have at Gwinnett Online Campus.

In the spring of 2012, we invited Andrew to spend two days working with our full-time teaching staff, as well as our adjunct faculty. These two days affirmed our choice to bring him on campus for in-depth staff development. Andrew worked with us to customize the presentation to meet the needs of the varied levels of expertise among our staff. Teachers commented they felt inspired and eager to continue or begin implementing PBL in their courses. Andrew provided a quality learning experience which will have an impact on the instruction we provide to our students in the future! Ginger O'Neal Ph.D

Associate Principal, Gwinnett Online Campus

In my career as a Director of Professional Development, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with countless professional consultants. Of recent, the Buck Institute of Education introduced me to their Project-based Learning (PBL) faculty in which I had the delightful experience in getting to know and appreciate the qualities of Andrew Miller.
From the moment you meet Andrew, you know he is special. He is not only an expert presenter but incredibly engaging and frankly, refreshingly unapologetic towards any excuses in why educators shouldn’t be engaging our students in what research advocates as most effective in educational practice. His case is compelling to even the most resistant adult learner as Andrew passionately translates educational research into “do-able” practice by relating his own learning experiences and teaching practice – all intertwined with his unique engaging humor.

As well as being a gifted presenter, Andrew also takes the role of facilitating the content very seriously as I observed him closely working with small groups of teachers throughout his workshops. He truly listens and provides insightful ideas and alternatives for teachers to consider using as they design their PBL units. Andrew has a gift for almost creating an instant sense of trust with a group that it’s ok if you don’t know it or haven’t tried before – be a risk-taker, I’m here to help you get through it. As a result, teachers walk out the door feeling energized and committed to knowing this hard-work with Andrew yields huge dividends in their classroom. Teresa Dempsey Ph.D

Director of Professional Development, Educational Service Center of Central Ohio

Your one brief hour lecture is my entire take away for the iNACOL conference. Your dynamic speaking and content rich message was more valuable to me as a teacher (and dare say person) than all of my other experiences added up. My mind keeps coming back to the nuggets of genius you so generously handed out and I needed to write to let you know how meaningful it was for me.

I will continue to follow your work, hope to attend a speaking engagement in the future, and keep coming back to your witty anecdotes in my moments of weakness and uncertainty as a first year middle and high school Family and Consumer Science teacher (trying to increase rigor and scope in my classroom and the field)! Sara Hottinger

Consumer Sciences Teacher, Cordova School District, Arkansas

TGES had planned PBL workshop for 100 teachers in 2 parallel sessions spread over a period of one week. BIE and TGES both were anxious of the outcome of PBL 101 in Indian School Systems.

Andrew’s way of reaching out to the participants in first 15 minutes assured both, the participants and the school, that PBL would be accepted eventually though it may have a slow start! Barriers of content, exam focused institutions, difference between two countries with their perception about how to teach were handled very effectively by Andrew and TGES team is certainly thankful to Andrew and BIE for transplanting the seeds of change.

Andrew’s working and delivery was at the pace with participant’s needs and in his interactions with all participants he reached out to them satisfying their questions, their fears, their struggles and also ensured that he appreciated them for their small yet meaningful successes. His communication with team was supportive, assuring and challenging them to take on the risks! A perfect combination for any trainer!

Andrew’s efforts and processes ensured the successful delivery in new environment and charged all with possibilities of PBL. At a personal level I look forward to his blogs, writings, views on various subjects that add new perspectives to existing knowledge. Shekhar Hardikar

Principal, The Galaxy Education System, India