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Educational Consultant



Project-Based Learning


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Current Positions

Faculty, ASCD

Since 2012


National Faculty, Buck Institute for Education

Since 2010



Masters of Arts, Teaching

University of Puget Sound, 2004-2005

Bachelor of Arts, Classics

University of Puget Sound, 2000-2004
Andrew Miller has spent many years in education, as a classroom teacher, an online teacher, curriculum developer, instructional coach, teacher leader, and educational consultant. He has used his skills in Authentic Intellectual Work, Online Education, Project-Based Learning, Game-Based Learning/ Gamification, 21st Century Skills and Culturally Responsive Teaching to create an engaging learning environment for all students.

After graduating with his Masters from the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma, WA; Andrew starting teaching in the diverse district of Federal Way Public Schools. He taught highly capable AP students as well as students in credit retrieval, in a variety of subjects. These years honed his instructional skills and classroom “bag of tricks,” but he felt something was missing. He knew that he wasn’t serving all student learning styles and modalities, and so he began his own learning in cultural competency in order to improve his practice. In his research, Project Based Learning (PBL) kept surfacing as a valid pedagogy to reach all students. He saw this as a pedagogy that aligned with his values of equity for all students and true student constructivism.

Andrew took the opportunity through the Technology Access Foundation to teach at the TAF Academy, whose mission is to get under-served minorities into STEM fields through PBL, Authentic Intellectual Work and STEM curriculum. He created authentic, interdisciplinary projects, with a high level of technology integration while serving as teacher leader in a Professional Learning Community. The Buck Institute for Education, who had trained Andrew in PBL, noticed his work, and asked him to come on board as a National Faculty. Concurrently, Giant Campus, asked him to take the work he was doing part time teaching online and move into a full time position. He facilitated PBL in an online environment utilizing various technologies and creating projects that engaged students across the country in authentic collaboration.

Andrew currently serves on the National Faculty for the Buck Institute for Education and ASCD. He travels internationally, working with educators in his many areas of expertise. He has given presentations and workshops at many conferences including the National Association for Multicultural Education, ISTE, ASCD, the International Reading Association, the National Council for Teachers of English, and iNACOL’s Virtual Schools Symposium.

Andrew is an avid blogger and writer for a variety of organizations including ASCD, Edutopia and the Huffington Post. Andrew is also a certified Literacy Design Collaborative Trainer, and works with teachers of all content areas to build literacy skills for students. He has worked with Abeo School Change (Formally known as the Small Schools Project) to increase their Web 2.0 presence and collaborate with education innovators, and Educurious to create engaging online courses to prevent high school drop-out. He advises and collaborates with game design companies to ensure practical design and classroom implementation. Andrew also frequents as a facilitator and participant in twitter #pblchat, and was the recent winner of the NEA Foundation and U.S. Department of Education’s “Challenge to Innovate” Gaming Challenge.